Most Popular And Hottest New Teen Pornstar Starlets 2020 – Top 10

Today’s article is a simple tribute to the best new young pornstars
who made it big in 2019 and promise to be the hottest and most sought-after of the year 2020.

The frequency of honors does not diminish because we are no longer teenagers; it is
always exciting to get a look at those new, not-so-known girls who are experiencing their first steps in the
porn industry and that makes our hearts beat faster and our “head” loses its reason, after all, they are the
company of our moments of loneliness and relief.

For now this list has the 10 most wanted and seen new teen pornstars during
this 2020, but it would not be fair with the others that also have more merits to be in this list in the near
future, the year still begins.

We try to be diverse, selecting the best new teen pornstars
for all tastes. Of course leave your opinion and what new starlet would you like to see here.


Top 10: Most Popular And Hottest New Teen Pornstar Starlets 2020!

#10 Natalie Porkman

Natalie Porkman looks perfectly like Natalie Portman, hence the stage
name she chose. Well, she’s the younger version of the famous movie star, which is even more surprising.

Natalie began her adult career in 2019 when she was only 18, and all the studios jumped at the chance to appear in
one of her films. Natalie is a sweet, skinny American girl with a beautiful smile and short hair. Her 32B of natural
tits and a firm, round ass makes her more seductive and provocative. She has a sweet and wet pussy with full lips
and a belly button piercing that looks great on her. She has some tattoos on the back of her neck, between her
breasts and her right rib cage.

Natalie Porkman started out a little shy in the adult porn world and
only appeared in a few non-sexual masturbation scenes. But in front of a face that looks like a movie star, she
will not be able to resist the invitation and the pressure of the director to appear in the scene of the child.
First he did some impressive oral sex scenes.

#9 Jenny Wild

Jenny Wild is a adul model from Czech Republic. She was born on
February 24, 2000. She began her career in 2019 by filming her first scenes at the age of 19

Jenny is a slim, supple, brown-eyed blonde teen with a sexy body. She always shows her erotic tricks in every scene
she performs. But her main feature is her great sexual attitude in every film. She already has several lesbian
scenes, one of them with young pornstar Eveline as well as solo masturbation sessions.She’s also done some hardcore

#8 Ellie Eilish

Ellie Eilish is a young Porn Star from United States. She was born in
Houston on November 10, 2000. Ellie worked at Wendy’s for three years! She was also a dog groomer, under the
tutelage of her stepmother. Ellie always watched a lot of porn, before she went into the adult business…
preferring raw, amateur videos.

She works out, loves striptease and heavy metal dancing! She started around the age of 19 in the porn industry and
fulfilled his “younger girl – older guy” fantasy.

Ellie Eilish is a self-proclaimed bi-sexual, biased towards men. Mrs.
Eilish is a scorpio and loves astrology, along with reading. She likes to delve into books about psychology and
life experiences. She likes to try different sexual positions when masturbating and having sex. She says she
loves big balls, anal play and more!

#7 Natalie Knight

Natalie Knight is from a small town in South Carolina. She was born
on May 17, 2000. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes and a beautiful expressive smile. Her round tits are 32B in
size and her two nipples are pierced. She has a small tattoo on the back of her right shoulder. In addition to
the nipples, the right nostril and the navel are pierced. During high school, she attended acting classes.
Natalie did extensive research on the porn business before she joined.

Natalie Natalie was 19 when she entered the porn industry in early
2019. She describes herself as a very sexual person. She’s interested in lesbian scenes. Her role model is Ivy
Wolf. Natalie said she shot four scenes in the first week of her career.

Natalie Knight loves to have fun with her talented fingers and her big dildo. Natalie has not had much experience
with girls in her private life, but she knows a lot about the female body. She has worked with many famous

#6 Eva Elfie

Eva Elfie was born on 27 May 2000 in a small village in the Far East
of the Russian Federation. She is a young blonde girl with a seductive look. Her tits are 32C in size and her
ass is small and strong. Eva currently lives and works in Moscow.

Eva started her porn career as an 18-year-old girl, at the end of 2018. She decided to do it for money, fun and
travel. On the other hand she considers herself a girl by nature lustful. Recently she said that in the future she
will only appear under the name of Eva Elfie. So far she has filmed at least 12 scenes. She has many talents, but
her erotic moves may be the best. After a while, she filmed her first lesbian scene with the beautiful Sybil. In
this scene, she showed her ability and talent to make love to girls.

Eva Elfie says she likes smart people and shy children. A lot of her
fans just wanted to see her in hardcore action, and she did. Eva has a tight pussy, but loves to fuck hard in
different positions. She loves to read with no clothes on and she’s also a big fan of computer games.

#5 Britt James

Britt James was born on March 23, 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts. She
is a pretty brunette with long, thick hair. Her eyes are brown. She has natural tits size 34DD. She has a great
ass that is extraordinarily sexy and has her belly button pierced. Much younger, she was a martial artist. She
still practices a few times a week.

Britt began her porn career in the second half of 2018. Britt has appeared in over 15 scenes so far. All of her
appearances are in the Solo and Hardcore categories. When she needs to satisfy herself, she uses her little fingers
and various sex toys. She loves hardcore sex scenes. Her favorite sexual position is doggy style.

Britt James said her biggest fantasy was to do a gang bang scene and
we still look forward to it. Britt is very excited about the life of a porn star. She took on all the
responsibilities and duties of a porn model. She may be for many the sexiest curvy porn girl ever.

#4 Arietta Adams

Arietta Adams was born on March 29, 2000 in Shelby, North Carolina.
She is a beautiful young redheaded girl with green eyes. Her irresistible round tits are 34B in size. This tall
girl has a tattoo with three small dots on her right hip. The left nostril, the navel and both nipples are
pierced. She also has an ass with crazy curves and a firm look. Arietta claims to have lost her virginity when
she was 15 with any boy.

Arietta started her porn career in mid 2018 when she was 19. Once she said it was a spur of the moment decision. She
liked the idea of being her own boss and being the only person to decide what is good for her and what is not. On
the other hand, she claims to be a sex addict. So far, she has filmed over 20 scenes that are mostly hardcore, but
there are some solo games. Arietta loves to be served hardcore sex. Spitting, biting, choking, hitting and spanking
are just some of the things that turn them on and make them submissive. She hasn’t filmed lesbian scenes but she has
filmed some threesome scenes.

Arietta Adams likes to go out with her little dachshund. She loves to
pole dance and go to the gym. She likes rapping and smoking pot. She also works as a webcam model. The most
perverse place she ever had sex was in her car in the school parking lot.

#3 Mia Melano

Mia Melano was born on May 2, 2000 in Seattle, Washington. She is a
beautiful blonde with long hair, blue eyes and a perfect face. Her tits are big and round, 36DD in size. Her ass
has become one of the most desired in the industry. In her youth, she was always shy, friendly and quiet. She
has a twin sister who is a successful model. Mia works as a waitress in a restaurant. Fortunately, she soon
realized that she could do something different.

Famous porn director Greg Lansky soon recognized Mia’s potential and her career began in August 2018. She was
eighteen years old at the time. Since then, she has appeared in just eight scenes. It may be a small number, but the
quality of the scenes is excellent. Besides her looks, her passionate attitude is one of her best features that
makes her stand out from other porn stars.

Mia Melano loves to travel, exercise and do extreme sports like
hiking. She shares moments of her personal life on her Youtube channel.

#2 Gabbie Carter

Gabbie Carter was born August 4, 2000 in Austin, Texas. Charming
young blonde with green eyes and a seductive and very nice smile.

Gabbie Carter owns the most proactive and sexy tits on the net, her big natural 32DD make her look majestic. Her ass
is firm and well marked, along with her seductive tattoos that identify her as a strong and risky girl.

Gabbie entered the porn industry at the age of 18, with a lot of
experience and clear sexual goals. In her case, a supporting factor is that her parents support her decision.
Gabbie’s career began in April 2019. In the first days, she shot three scenes. In total, she shot more than 40
scenes. Her appearance, in a positive sense, caused a real disruption in the porn industry and everything
intensified quickly. Many porn heads were delighted with her looks and skills. She did solo, lesbian and
hardcore scenes. Her vital energy and sexual chemistry shine especially when she shares a scene with someone.
She is very fond of lesbian sex and Lena Paul was the first actress that Gabbie shared a lesbian scene with.

#1 Melody Marks

Melody Marks was born on February 29, 2000. This beautiful young
blonde girl with blue eyes grew up in a small town in Ohio. She has sensual lips and long hair.

She started her porn career at the age of 18 in 2018. She has performed in solo and hardcore porn, until today she
has 37 scenes online. Melody enjoys making money from porn, one of the things she loves to do the most. She loves to
masturbate with her fingers and toys. She has done threesome and foursome scenes.

Melody She loves to pole dance, and everyone who can practices it.
She loves the doggy-style position and getting her tits and face smeared. Her great attitude and extreme
dedication to each piece of work will undoubtedly make her a success in the world of porn.



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