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Nia Nacci and Lexi Luna top of their lesbian game


Lexi Luna is having a relaxing day when Nia Nacci shows up at her door. Nia is friends with Lexi’s little sister, although there seems to be trouble in paradise. It’s just that Lexi’s little sister is super competitive and Nia is tired of her bad sportsmanship.

Nia noticed that her friend suddenly became really good at the pool after Lexi taught her. So, would Lexi be willing to teach her how to play pool, too? Although Lexi doesn’t feel comfortable walking behind her sister’s back, she agrees that it would be good if her sister had knocked over some pins. After looking at Nia wisely, Lexi agrees to give Nia some clues as long as Nia doesn’t say anything! Lexi brings Nia in and teaches her the basics of how to become a pool shark.

Of course, it’s hot between them when Lexi presses her body to show her the right way. While Lexi obviously has a passion for Nia, Nia doesn’t seem to notice her progress… until Lexi feels Nia’s breasts a little. When she does, Nia tries and does what Lexi says: Nia just has to relax!

If she doesn’t release this tension, Nia’s little sister Lexi will NEVER win at the pool … Nia is determined to win, so she agrees to do everything Lexi says to be at the top of her game. Lexi leads the way with a sensual kiss that soon leads to breast sucking and pussy eating – things get hotter when they pay homage to each other and the contents of their hearts! But will this additional lesson be enough to make Nia a winner?

Date: February 12, 2020
Teen Pornstar: Lexi Luna / Nia Nacci